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Point of View

For me, photography has always held an esteemed place as a chosen artistic medium…


The wonders of the heavens and its many astonishing phenomena are my passions. I feel fortunate to live in a time which permits me to share my fascination and enthusiasm with others who would also be enthralled by God’s domain.

These images are completely accurate in depicting the structures and energies of the objects they illustrate. Their beauty lies not only in the forms and textures that nature creates, but also in their awe inspiring sense of majesty and our connection to it. I endeavor for my work to straddle the boundary between science and art, to use the technologies of our time to capture the ancient light of the universe and reveal its splendor.

Terrestrial Photography

Leveraging what I have learned from astrophotography, I have started to turn my camera towards more earthly scenes. My goal is to capture what I see around me from the perspective of the mood that I felt when I framed the image in my camera’s viewfinder. This is completely opposite of the way I approach astrophotography. Where possible, I hope to push my creativity and the equipment to their limits to create images which represent what I envisioned when the shutter opened.

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